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Word about the Exhibition

Dear Friends,

I welcome you to the opening of the "Holy Russia" exhibition. On display here are outstanding monuments of Russian icon painting and other art masterpieces of the pre-Petrine era from the collections of Russia's leading museums, libraries and archives. Among them are rare fresco fragments and carved church decorations, the monumental Golden Doors from the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin in Suzdal, ancient works of silver and gold jewelry, and unique chronicles and illustrated ecclesiastical books. This exhibition has already been to the Louvre, where it became one of the most significant happenings in the reciprocal Year of Russia in France and France in Russia's rich program of events.

I'm confident that the "Holy Russia" exhibition will become a brilliant milestone in Russia's cultural life and leave museumgoers with unforgettable impressions.

I wish success and all the best to the exhibition's organizers and visitors.

Dmitry Medvedev
President of the Russian Federation