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Born in the spirit. Baptism of Russia and the triumph of Christian faith
Under the Virgin Mother’s Protection
Patrons and instructors. Veneration of saints in Russia and Russian saints.
Light in the wilderness. Monasteries in Russia
The Earthly Kingdom and the Heavenly Kingdom
Holy objects in everyday life
Heaven on Earth. Inside a Russian Orthodox Church
Holy objects in everyday life

Every Christian should put holy and venerable pictures, icons painted according to the church’s rules, on the walls of every room. These icons should be arranged and decorated beautifully. Place candles in candelabra before the holy images during every service.When the service is done, extinguish the candles and cover all the icons with veils to ensure cleanliness, promote piety, and protect them from dust. Always dust icons with a feather duster and wipe them with a soft sponge. Always keep the shrine clean.


The life of an Orthodox Christian was accompanied, from his or her cradle to the grave, by crosses worn on the neck, reliquaries, folding iconostases, used when travelling, pious books for private reading and cemetery crosses, symbolizing the hope in the forthcoming resurrection. These object are numerous in the heritage of early Russia: from 12th-century birch bark documents, telling us about ordering icons for a church, to a whole ensemble of images for the graveside iconostasis in memory of Tsarevna Sofia in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Smolensk in the Novodevichi Convent.